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At Qiesto, we are building a platform to connect young Africans
to opportunities to use and showcase their competences
as a pathway to jobs, further education or entrepreneurship.

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In 3 Easy Steps


Demonstrate what you are capable of professionally & build a WORK EXPERIENCE PORTFOLIO.


Get a beautiful resume that shows your X-FACTOR & helps you STAND OUT.


Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to jobs, further education & entrepreneurship opportunities.

Access a New Kind Of Work Experience


Work on a concrete activity with clear start and end date and tangible outcome.


Work alone or with other people to build your team working skills.

Deliverable from anywhere

You don’t have to leave where you are. Gain global work experience from wherever you are.


Gain Meaningful Experience

Gain professional experience EXECUTING PROJECTS for companies across the world and get their brands on your resume.


Showcase Your Top Competencies

Show your key strengths and value in your online profile which is exportable as a beautifully formatted CV.


Get Noticed by Recruiters

Easily share your profile & CV with recruiters & industry professionals across the world right from inside the platform.


Your Success Is Our Success

Our team goes out of our way to help you get matched to jobs, schools or entrepreneurship opportunities.

To be clear, we are fully invested in your success

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